Refinishing Your Wood Outdoor Furniture

Lots of people ask us regarding the various means to refinish their wood outdoor furniture. If you decide to utilize a Stain, there are a couple of different types for you to pick from:

Oil-Based Stain – The fluid oil-based discolorations penetrate the wood without elevating the wood grain. The color of the discolor can be dimmed by applying multiple layers of discolor as well as allowing the stain to penetrate the wood between layers.

Water-Based Stain – These spots are much more environmentally friendly compared to the Oil-Based Spots as well as just require soap and also water cleanup. The only drawback of using these kinds of stains is that they can increase the grain of the wood. To avoid this from taking place, wet the wood with a wet cloth and allow the wood to dry totally. End up sand with fine sandpaper and afterwards repeat this procedure. This procedure will certainly condition the wood to accept the water-based products with less elevated grain.

Gel Discolorations – The gel discolorations are thick as well as they are typically oil-based. These types of discolorations are likewise much more expensive compared to the liquid spots.

One Step Stain/Finishes – This kind of discolor is incredibly popular due to the fact that it is easy to use. The color or texture and the coating are applied at the same time, minimizing the quantity of time had to finish the item. Nonetheless, it is often more difficult to get a good do with these kinds of items since the surface itself is tinted so the color stays on top of the wood rather than passing through into it. If you are using these kinds of items, make sure you placed the finish on evenly as you will certainly have more color or texture on thicker areas compared to on the thinner used areas. These kinds of surfaces likewise whitewash grain attributes. When using the spots to your wood outdoor furniture, the liquid spots are used with a cloth or a brush as well as permitted to penetrate into the wood.


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