How to Refinish Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

Redecorating Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Made Simple
Long lasting as well as long-lasting, teak wood furniture is optimal for being outdoors. The good news is, redecorating teak is a rather straightforward process that you can do yourself to assist restore your furniture and keep it clean.

Begin by cleansing
Begin by using a non-acidic cleaner to a dustcloth as well as tidy the surface area of the wood. Keep in mind that there are cleaners specifically implied to refinish teak furniture, so be on the look-out. Such cleaners aid making certain that the teak doesn’t shed its natural oils. Continue by applying a paint pole dancer to the teak as well as enabling it to soak. Remove the pole dancer with a scraper that’s developed for usage on wood, plastic most likely being your ideal choice. As you refinish wood, bear in mind to work delicately and very carefully in order to avoid damage.

Applying the coating
Wipe the furniture down again, this time with a fine steel woollen that’s been applied with paint thinner. You’ll intend to use caution with such chemicals, so make sure to put on rubber gloves. Working outdoors is additionally a good idea, preferably. After using the thinner, sand down the teak, working in just one instructions. Discolor the wood with a wood stain used with either a paint brush or rag. Give the tarnish a minimum of five hours to completely dry as well as total the procedure by using a teak oil to seal in the coating. Although an effective as well as correct coating could last for quite some time, this entire process can all be duplicated if demand be. The completed job ought to sustain a lively golden color. When completed, your teak will certainly look comparable to new.


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