DIY outdoor storage bench

DIY outdoor storage bench. Cedar cannot be beat
Unlike material potting tables, which could warp in the heat and obtain scratched, or steel potting benches which are heavy and also hot to the touch, wood is the method to go. A cedar potting bench in particular has some unsurpassable qualities that even other selections of hardwood can not match. Cedar in its lots of kinds, including white cedar and also western red cedar, is a long lasting wood whose use in outdoor furniture building is unparalleled. DIY outdoor storage bench. The lumber is durable, so there is much less chance of splitting, breaking and decaying of the wood. This implies there will also be less upkeep, specifically long-lasting. It’s additionally a wonderfully tinted timber with a naturally aromatic fragrance. Finally, the tannins produced by cedar timber act to naturally drive away bugs, like fleas and moths, so there is less opportunity of invasion


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