Care and Keeping of Antique Wicker and Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Wicker and rattan are two of the most welcoming as well as conventional of outdoor furniture products. They are both classic yet fresh in look every year with the proper quantity of upkeep. They are one of the most fragile of outdoor furniture materials and 2 of the most lovely.

Both rattan and wicker are made of wood fibers, and are as a result vulnerable to the elements. It doesn’t imply that they can not be delighted in or have time after time of use. It simply takes some persistence in upkeep.

Always bear in mind that wetness is the greatest opponent of wicker and rattan. Many generally have either a paint or resin layer, as well as they are wonderful helps in maintaining the pieces completely dry. If the barrier is somehow broken, dampness can do damage fairly rapidly.

If there is noticeable cracking from sitting in the sunlight, it is time to use a new layer of material, varnish or paint. Apply slim layers, which keep the quantity of fining sand or brushing time to a minimum. Over the years, the build-up could become extremely thick and should be avoided.

During the winter months, these kinds of outdoor furniture should constantly be kept in a dry location. For areas where storage is impossible, the very best option is to make use of premium quality patio furniture covers. Wrap the legs and feet too to ensure that no moisture functions its method up into the primary areas of the pieces.


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