led dusk to dawn outdoor lights

led dusk to dawn outdoor lights. Mains Powered Outdoor Lighting This gives the brightest light, and is almost always used for security lighting, or where bright light is needed outside. However, because mains cable is needed to power the lights, it must be well protected. If the light is wall mounted and the cable comes straight out of the wall this is no problem. If the cable is to be buried underground, armoured cable must be used, as a spade could easily go through ordinary mains cable.┬áled dusk to dawn outdoor lights. (Armoured cable is three or four core cable, with good insulation, and covered with strong steel strands wrapped around. Because the protection is stranded, it can be cut with normal cable cutters. Three core cable – live, neutral and earth – is used in most domestic installations, four core is used when a three phase supply is in use.) All light fittings must be suitable for outdour use, i.e. protected against water, and earthed, unless made all of plastic or rubber.


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